Meet the Maker, A Conversation with Jitana

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At Lola Earl, we believe in modern and sustainable decor, which is why we buy from Artisan brands that make beautiful, small-batch, handmade products that are good for the environment and look lovely in your home. We love having unique items that tell a story through creativity, passion, and design. In our blog series, we will be showcasing our artisan partners behind the stunning products that we sell at Lola Earl. These stories will allow you to learn more about the artisans and their products.

In this article, I spoke with Denise Hernandez, Founder and CEO of Jitana, a Home Decor brand. A proud descendant of Salvadorian heritage and a native of Los Angeles, Jitana embodies a celebration of diversity, artistry, and the philosophy of thoughtful living. In this article, Denise will give you insight into how her products cultivate a more intentional, sustainable lifestyle. 

I know you will fall in love with her home decor items like we have at Lola Earl.

Every home tells a story. Write yours with Lola Earl.




Volume No.2: Meet the Maker, A Conversation with Jitana

Meet Denise Hernandez, Founder and CEO of Jitana

Meet the Maker, A Conversation with Erin Blake
Founder, Erin Blake

LE: Please tell me about your brand and what you sell.

Denise: Jitana is a vibrant home décor brand passionately woven from the rich tapestry of cultures around the globe. We carefully blend the soul and traditions of artisans worldwide with our commitment to sustainable practices and the conscious use of organic materials. From our wall hangings from Indonesia to our pottery from Tonala Mexico, every design reflects our dedication to enhancing living spaces while embracing a mindful approach to our environment.

Our mission is to inspire thoughtful living by offering unique pieces that not only showcase cultural heritage but also encourage a deeper connection between individuals, their homes, and the global community. We prioritize sustainability, ethical sourcing, and fair trade practices, ensuring that every purchase from Jitana is a step towards a more thoughtful and purposeful way of living.

We carefully blend the soul and traditions of artisans worldwide with our commitment to sustainable practices and the conscious use of organic materials.

Meet the Maker, A Conversation with Denise Hernandez
Founder and CEO, Denise Hernandez

LE: Please tell me what makes your textiles unique and how they benefit the environment.

Denise: At Jitana we take pride in consciously sourcing raw materials that minimize environmental impact while accentuating the beauty of natural elements. From reclaimed wood to recycling the clay that is used for our pottery, our products epitomize a harmonious blend of craftsmanship and respect for the planet.


Moreover, by supporting Jitana, you're not just acquiring stunning home décor pieces. You're contributing to a greater cause - fostering fair trade, empowering artisans, and reducing our ecological footprint.


Whether it's through the use of eco-friendly materials or our ongoing efforts to reduce waste and carbon footprint in our production process, we're devoted to making a positive environmental impact while delivering exquisite, one-of-a-kind pieces to our customers.

Every Home Tells a Story. Write Yours with Lola Earl.

We have compiled a few of our favorite Jitana items. Visit to shop.  

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