Creating a Home with Personality

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When I moved into my home a few years ago, it was essential to take my time and create a place that reflected my personality and gave me comfort, joy, and love. A place I would create memories that I would cherish for years to come. So when my items arrived from storage, I donated anything that held bad memories or energy and did not present peace in my life. I  would only keep things that felt good in my home. And now, it was time for me to recreate my space. When buying items, I wanted to challenge my creative side and buy things that filled my cup with joy. I am drawn to handmade and vintage items. Each piece is always unique and tells a story of well-traveled history. It gives a room character and is one-of-kind with its artistic design. So, in this blog post, I was interviewed by Catherine to discuss my tips for creating a comfortable home that exudes a personality. I hope this article will inspire you to create a home that you love- filled with items that are special to you and exude a style that is uniquely yours and provides you with a place of peace and joy.

Every home tells a story. Write yours with Lola Earl.




Creating a Home with Personality

Written by Catherine Warmerdam

For LaToya Skinner, owner of local home goods retailer Lola Earl, creating a beautiful home means cultivating an interior that is deeply personal. “Our home is what grounds us. It’s our special place,” says Skinner. “It’s where I want to feel warm and welcome and loved. That’s why I want to have things in the home that are special, that I’ve curated over time.” We asked Skinner to share her practical tips for creating a home that feels comfortable and exudes personality that is uniquely you.

Creating a Home with Personality

Tip No 1. Buy used

Skinner is a big fan of buying used and vintage furnishings and decorative items. Not only does older furniture tend to be better constructed than comparably priced contemporary pieces, but it may have a back story or an interesting detail that adds character to a room. “For example, you might buy a vintage sofa with great lines that you can breathe new life into with new upholstery,” suggests Skinner. “Or maybe there’s a piece of pottery with a crack in it. Those little imperfections bring charm to your space.”

Tip No 2: Incorporate art

Adding paintings, ceramics, photographs, textiles and other works of original art to a room is one of the easiest ways to make it your own. The secret is not feeling as though you have to acquire everything at once. “You want to curate, you want to take your time and find pieces that are special to you,” advises Skinner, who turns to Instagram to discover new artists. “Social media is a great place to find art that you love so that you can create a room in your own style.”

Your home should be a reflection of you and your personality, not necessarily the trend that’s popular at the moment.

Creating a Home with Personality

Tip No 3: Choose handmade

When possible, seek out everyday items that are handmade by an artisan or even a talented friend or family member. “Because they’re handmade, no two of those items will be exactly the same.” Skinner, for example, finds joy in setting her table with hand-printed linen napkins from Portland-based studio Willow Ship. “I have a very neutral-tone home, but I use textiles to incorporate color and pattern and personality.”

Tip No 4: Have fun

There’s no need to take your interior design too seriously, according to Skinner. “I think a lot of time people stress about whether they’re doing it right, is this following the right trend,” she says, “but your home should be a reflection of you and your personality, not necessarily the trend that’s popular at the moment. For me, I want a space that feels lived-in and serves a purpose for what I need. It may take some trial and error, but it’s okay to try new things. Don’t be afraid.”

To see more of Skinner’s curated selection of home goods, visit her pop-up shop inside of Scout Living, 1215 18th St., Sacramento, or shop online at

Every Home Tells a Story. Write Yours with Lola Earl.


Living Room:

  1. Pillows – Lola Earl 
  2. Vintage vassal: Lola Earl 
  3. Sofa- Scout Living 
  4. Art- Frank Morrison 
  5. Throw- Lola Earl 


  1. Pillows – Lola Earl
  2. Bedding- Lola Earl 
  3. Art- Malene Barnett

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